A greener way to drive in style


The smart fortwo is produced at "smartville" in Hambach, France.

From its initial conceptualization to today's manufacturing, smart has adhered to strict Daimler environmental guidelines in an effort to protect the environment, reduce energy consumption and innovatively preserve our natural resources. Our "eco balance sheet" offers fascinating insights into the future, from the demands on raw materials to a projection of future waste.

Keep your powder dry
The entire vehicle bodywork of smart is powder coated rather than painted. Powder coating uses 40% less energy than conventional painting methods with zero solvent emissions and no water consumption. Powder "overspray" is collected and is 98% reusable. This is a great example of eco-friendly solutions that also provide excellent finish quality.

Facility energy
If you are truly eco-friendly, your attitude stretches beyond the product itself to everything you do. In our smartville production center, we have analyzed and increased the thermal insulation of our buildings to minimize heat loss. We collect the excess heat generated from our injection molding machines to heat our paint booths. We even have our own natural gas fired thermal energy station that supplies our hot water and some of our electricity. Environmentally sound buildings, intelligent people, technologically advanced car.

Waste not, want not
We are fanatics on waste. Yes, we like recycling, but our initial thought is to always avoid the waste in the first place. So we work with our suppliers to source our parts in returnable containers. And when waste is unavoidable we don't stop there - we grade it, collect it, analyze it and recycle it.

People know smart is different just by driving by our smartville production facilities in Hambach, France. Our architects specified exterior surfaces to be made with a material named Trespa, 80% of which comes from fast-growing European timber. We have eliminated materials like formaldehyde, CFC and asbestos. Our entire complex is nestled in the green hills of the Lorraine region using ample green space like fields, meadows, and fruit tree orchards to more fully integrate smart with the environment.

Enviromental Management
Here is the stated smart Environmental Policy: "With our products, we are setting a milestone for environmentally-compatible individual mobility. Every day, we live an efficient and dynamic environmental management system that is aligned towards on-going improvement."

Now, we understand that those can just be words or that we can really live with the spirit of that commitment. We choose the spirit! And then we back up that intention with rigorous independent examination. Our environmental management system was certified to DIN EN ISO 14001 standards in February 1997 at our Böblingen facility. Annual internal and external audits ensure that this system is consistently applied.

Our environmental policies are not just for smart. We want our suppliers to be environmentally smart too. So the suppliers who have gathered in smartville work with us in an environmental protection workgroup to coordinate environmental efforts and set future strategies. We live together as a smart community honoring the environment and our natural resources.

Truly smart recycling doesn't happen after a car is used and ready for disposal - it starts with the initial design concept and fits every component into a known "lifecycle". So we analyzed alternatives and chose recyclable synthetics for things like our dashboards and wheel housing covers. We brainstormed how to reduce the number of components and how to assemble them. Examples include our dashboard air system that was reduced from twenty separate pieces to one single molded part. Even our exterior door panels can be easily changed and recycled. When you own a smart, you'll find yourself pointing things like these out to your friends - they'll become part of your environmental statement.

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